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Cathy JacquierDear Sirs, I would like to make a breast reduction and would know the prices approximative. Thank you in advance Best regards, Cathy Jacquier
Nadja RouillerHello, my name is Nadja. I'm looking for a good clinic for my breast augmentation. I actually have 75B and I would like C with anatomical implants. I have read about your clinic on internet and I'm interested to do this operation at your clinic with Dr Ludmila Fialova. Could you give me the total price for this operation and tell me what is inclueded and what is not? If everything is ok, I would like to do this operation in January 2017. If possible, I should live Czech Republic on the 8th January. Would it be ok for Ludmila Fialova? About the postoperation, how is it going if I am living in Switzerland ? I also have to know what about the assurance. What happend if the operation fail, or if there are some problems few months/years after the operation ? Who is paying if we have to operat again because of infection or anything else? Thank you for reading, Nadja
asmahhi, i am interested in surgery in your clinic at first, I have a tummy tuck with liposuction and I also want a breast lift with augmentation... So, I wonder if it's possible to do both surgeries in one trip??

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